The lodgings are in the centre of the village Bogács, in a peaceful street, about 200 metres from the spa.
Our apartments were built in 2009. All of the rooms are suitable for 2 persons, and it is possible to put spare bed for one more person in.
All apartments are fully equipped with kitchen utensils, microwave and filter coffee machine. The apartments are in direct connection with the garden. The parking places are in the closed yard.

Address: 3412 Bogács, Ady Endre street 37.


The region

Bogács is situated in Northern Hungary, only 16 km from the city Eger. Our settlement offers a lot of different programs throughout the year.

This region is rich in thermal water, and different bath, which are open also in winter. The spa of Bogács helps recovering rheumatism, joint- and gynaecological illnesses.

This beautiful region is outstanding for bikers, hikers and also for hunters. The lovers of fishing can choose from two ponds beside Bogács. If you lay claim, we organize a tour for you to the wine cellars of Bogács, were you can find many restaurants and enjoy life music.

If you are interested in culture, we propose you to visit the Doll Museum, which allows you to inspect the life of the old days in Bogács. Our church is worth your while, because it is a beautiful historic building.

Places of interest nearby Bogács:

Bükkzsérc " 8 km
"Ódor" Castle from the middle ages

Cserépfalu " 4 km
Mortal remains of the Neanderthal (caveman)

Noszvaj " 6 km

Mezőkövesd " 8 km
Zsóry spa, folk art museum

Miskolc " 60 km


Miskolctapolca " 52 km
Cave bath

Lillafüred ��" 88 km
Dripstonne cave